Upholestery Cleaning

As we are providing several cleaning service in different area ,it is not just a copy. We really understand  what is the need of all these services and how we can make batter from customer point view ,technical /technician point of view and finally company points of view.

Here we are sharing own experience  about Upholestery Cleaning.


The importance of cleaning chairs, Sofa, Carpet in vital, specially when you desire your environment to be smooth and sanitary. When you are searching for a entire fix, you absolutely can’t bypass the chairs. We have a tendency to spend a massive quantity of our time, be it in the house or office, sitting on the chairs. With the kind of climate we have in Delhi, it is solely natural that these chairs will accumulate dirt, germs, oil, and pores and skin cells. 


When you are in an office environment, having chairs that aren’t cleaned usually could substantially extend the possibilities of positive illnesses that should not directly affect the productiveness and work efficiency. You home is the excellent place to invite pals and household for a gathering. At instances there are various youngsters who come to your location and it is literally impossible to ask them now not to climb on the couch with their shoes not and now not to have eatables on them and spilling on them. 

Therefore dry cleaning of couch once in a whilst turns into a necessitate. There are quite a few cleaners whom offer most inexpensive range to dry easy your couch and carpets. Hygienic is fairly essential in any environment that you access on a ordinary basis. Chairs can be a storehouse of germs and dirt, in particular in the excessive temperatures of Delhi. Hiring Sofa cleaning services in Delhi is truly a clever go to keep your surroundings clean and germ-free. If you are searching for the first-class chair cleaning services in Delhi, Service Solutioner is the last cease for you.

We will make positive that all your chairs in your office or your residence are free from germs, dirt, and any different form of contaminants. Hire us and witness the results. Service solutioner has been in the cleansing enterprise for more than seven years and received a fair amount of insight in cleaning chairs efficiently, maintaining the price, time, and excellent in mind

Our exceptionally educated personnel use special cleansing strategies to make positive that the chairs are spotlessly clean. The type of cleansing products we use is designed especially to ensure that it is environment-friendly.

Upholstery is a basically cover of a furniture, which cover-up to frame of  a Chair, Sofa, Satthi bad, table etc to make it complete and beautiful.    

Upholstery is type upper cover of furniture like chair,sofa,bad etc which are regularly use at any home  to keep maintain its beauty it is required cleaning of upholstery. 

Regular cleaning of Upholstery increase it’s life because when any dirt, dust, accumulate on  upholstery it is slowly damage ,crack  and start wear tear. To prevent all it is necessary to clean it. 

Generally upholstery cleaning work done at home . So worker should be well discipline. As we are working in profession last 16  year so we use professional team , tools, material & finally  process .

We love challenges?

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Term & Condition

  1. Dear customer we are providing our service at your location ,so we need a favor from your side to operate our cleaning machines that is (electricity & water.)
  2. Upholstery cleaning  process clean surface of upholstery but stain mark of oil & color are subject of it’s condition for removal.
  3. We will clean upholstery ,by professional machine which could be show how much dust is remove but shine depend condition of upholstery.
  4. Extra effort on upholstery could be damage ,we do our best pls don’t force to cleaner for force full cleaning.                                                                                     Above mention term & conditions are base regarding upholstery cleaning  to know brief read detail T&C.