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Provide your passengers an exciting ride every time with a professionally specified fleet of buses. At Service Solutioner, we apprehend that coaches need to be persistently secure to keep their highest quality condition. With our bus detailing services in Delhi, we use steam cleaning technological know-how to deliver spotless and sanitized surfaces on each the exterior and interior of your vehicles.

Complete Bus Detailing Services with Exceptional Results

From the exterior, upholstery to the floor matting, out the crew of professionals makes sure that all areas of the bus are cleaned to perfection. They dispose of dirt, filth and other contaminants from all surfaces to forestall viable paint damage and corrosion.

Healthy and Safe for Everyone on Board

Buses gather dust, grime, meals particles, and other contaminants all the time. If not noted, they can pose a health danger to all people on board. Our steam cleaning technological know-how kills 99% of the microorganism upon contact! Which capability that it efficiently sanitizes your entire vehicle. It approves us to efficiently clean every surface beside the use of dangerous chemical compounds that may also depart a poisonous residue.

Convenient and Time-saving

We carrier any type and measurement of buses right at your location. Hiring our expert detailers will save you time and will additionally extend your profits. How? By letting your focal point on growing your transport business.

Green and Eco-friendly Choice

Using steam considerably cuts down water usage. It offers your fleet a showroom glossy seem to be barring      using harsh cleaning chemicals that pollute the environment.

Happy Passengers

When you take advantage of our expert bus washing and bus detailing services in Delhi, you’ll get clients astonished with the cleanliness of your vehicles. And “happy clients” interprets to incredible opinions and free word-of-mouth advertisement. Ultimately, this leads to more significant purchasers and commercial enterprise for you!

We care for the environment and thus, use eco-friendly strategies like waterless automobile wash and use products which are environment-friendly. We also provide doorstep provider for your convenience.

Avail the nice Car Detailing Service in Delhi

Maintain your car’s visual and functional aesthetics is through availing the satisfactory car detailing services in Delhi NCR. Car detailing is a comprehensive cleansing method for the interiors as well as the exteriors of your car that attends to stubborn stains, making your vehicle appear as suitable as new. A classic auto wash and auto detailing provider include automobile indoors vacuum cleaning, automobile seat dry cleaning, upholstery cleaning, windshield cleaning, the utility of wax coating, and tire and bumper dressings. Instead of looking for auto cleansing and detailing close to me, attain out to Service Solution turning in the pleasant cleaning results for your vehicle.

The Need for Professional Assistance

An expert automobile wash and cleaning service is a periodic upkeep program for your car. Car wash and auto detailing are the most efficient varieties of renovation for your vehicle. At Service Solutioner, we guarantee industry specialists the usage of the quality competencies and the top class products to defend the floor of the car and preserve its features working in excellent conditions. Moreover, we will assist you in selecting a car detailing package deal that nicely suits your requirements.

Teflon coating also acknowledged as the anti-rust coating is achieved on the floor of the car. Teflon is chemically synthesized from a fluoropolymer. It is a manufacturer firstly owned via Dupont, however, now has to turn out to be conventional to the category of two paint sealants. This protects the car’s painted end and offers a remarkable shine, doing away with the hassle of corrosion and wear and tear in high as suitably as low temperatures, maintaining the vehicle like new for a long time.

Car Teflon Coating Services in Delhi

Washing: The first step of the process, to make the automobile free from dirt and dust the painted areas and the plastic components like mudguards, speedometer and so on are washed with a mild shampoo, the surfaces are then wiped and dried. This is finished so that the paint remains free of dust particles once the coating is applied. A soft material is used to make sure no unwanted scratches are additionally brought about to make sure most quality.

Car polishing service in Delhi

Polishing: This step includes the software of polish on the painted surfaces. Typical vehicle waxes and polishes are used in this step and this case, 3M Car Wax. This is accomplished so that the paint has the most viable shine and gloss before it is coated with Teflon. This process can make green colors seem substantially brighter. Older automobiles would have a great deal higher look once this step is done. Differences are sizeable on shades like black, which visibly fade quickly and are the hardest to maintain.

Teflon Coating: The ultimate step in the process; this is the time to see the tiny bottle of prized liquid, Teflon. It has an especially pungent scent to it when it is applied onto the paint. This odor, however, disappears as soon as it is dried. Smooth cotton material is used to practice this liquid onto all the painted areas over the car. It is then left to dry for a few minutes.

As we are providing several cleaning service in different area ,it is not just a copy. We really understand  what is the need of all these services and how we can make batter from customer point view, technical/technician point of view and finally company points of view.

Here we are sharing own experience  about  Car & Bus Detailing Service.

Detailing service is a word, which is used mainly in automobile. Generally this word use to define extremely level cleaning service and to give some other treatment to increase /protect  vehicle exterior or interior beautification.

The Main object of Detailing service enhances the life/ value of your vehicle threw out with two main & different Detailing services .1.Exterior Detailing Like (Paint protection, Rubbing, Waxing ,Chromcleaning,Glass coating)

2.Interior Detailing. Like (Interior Deep cleaning)
       Paint protection :- This is a treatment which seal/cover paint of your car, with the help of different compounds it is process on paint of exterior body of car. Benefit of this process it does protect /help to save car paint from swirl marks, reactions of bird droppings, help to repeal the dust, light scratch give extra gloss shine etc all these precautionary action help to maintain car exterior body shine or life.

       Rubbing:- This is treatment like bleach on face .which clean only dirtiness , yellowness roughness and light swirl mark from surface of paints but not all, like hard paint , cut on paint ,chemical because it had already damage paint layer .

       Waxing:- Generally this treatment done after rubbing treatment for extra  shine or it can be done or regular basis to maintain shine of paint car. It give always glossiness of your car like facial.

         Chrome cleaning:- To give more attractive of your car most of the  body accessories made of chrome  like  front grill,ambulam logo,etc but due to poor maintenance it does rusted  and dull  own shine so it is necessary to chrome cleaning

          Glass coating:-This treatment clean swirl mark  from windshield which create challenge in night drawing due to poor vision when  light came on front glass ,some where it is cause of accident to prevent it is good option for good vision.

      Interior Deep cleaning:-Car interior  is most luxury part of any car which is build with different secation,like seating arrangement, beautiful door trim, roofs  dashboard etc but  all  luxury  does not matter  while it is not proper clean or maintain.

After Mechanical/Electrical  section there are two very important section of a vehicle are Exterior, interior Which is status of luxury, comfort to keep maintain both it is mandatory to restoration recover shine of  body paint ,glass, chromes, and interior cabin. by Detailing service.

Detailing service is a durable service ,because the product is used in this treatment all most branded so this  service is cost effectively than  other treatment. Detailing service  increase the value of your vehicle &  market price.It give a feel always like new because peeling & fading  chance of paint does minimize

We are working in cleaning industries since 2002 ,almost having 16years , where it was started a single man by doing car cleaning himself in a Automobile workshop and to day he is Director of company and there team providing cleaning service to Toyota,Honda,Hyundai,Ford,Tata,Maruti,Nissan,Renult company’s authorized automobile workshop/groups, it is possible just there passion to deliver best cleaning service threw best tools & trainings, this passion develop motivation in our team to became our team professional therefore we are right choice for Detailing Service. 

How we are professional ?                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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